Third rail gun

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Item Number: 823
Description ID: 9277973
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third rail gun
Plural: third rail guns
This gun has not one but three rails, intensifying the spectacular damage it can produce. Problem is, one of the rails traverses the distance between the two handles, meaning you get a nasty little shock every time you fire the weapon. Horrible design, effective weapon; tough choice.

Ranged weapon (Energy weapon)
Power: 155
Level Required: 14
Autosell value: 265

Take 1 electric damage per round of combat
+30 electric damage
+10 fire damage
-10 Ranged damage

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif illuminum rail gun
Equals.gif third rail gun


  • In politics, a third rail is an idea or topic that is so charged that anyone touching it will suffer politically. The source of this is the third rail used to power railways.