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  • When an item in this category is equipped, you take damage on every combat round in which the foe is still alive. More accurately, the combat round starts with the hero's action. If the foe is still alive, the hero sustains self damage. The foe can still be killed on the same round from other damage sources.
  • Although damage is elemental by nature, it is not effected by Elemental resistance.
  • After each round you get a message which depends on the damage type:
    • You injure yourself for X damage.
    • You are burned by your flaming equipment and take X fire damage.
    • You are shocked by your electrical equipment and take X electric damage.
    • You are blasted by your sonic equipment and take X sonic damage.
    • You are burned by your acid equipment and take X acid damage.
    • You are blasted by your psychic equipment and take X psychic damage.