Dog days of summer

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  • The dog days of summer occurred on:
    • September 25, 2011
    • July 11, 2013
  • The following message appeared on the main page:

It's the sweltering dog days of summer here in Twilight. It's so hot you could melt a brick on the hood of your car. Everything's an inferno. So hot even Robin Williams would be at a loss of words to describe how hot it is.

  • In addition to the normal Sidekick/companion one could have, one also had a dog as a companion.
  • Players also received one point of fire damage every round of combat.
  • Additionally, players dealt one point of fire damage when doing melee or ranged attacks.


  • Roman astrologers believed that Sirius, the "Dog Star", influenced hot summer weather. This led to the phrase "Dog Days of summer".