Polyphonic spree-gun

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Item Number: 808
Description ID: 8683908
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polyphonic spree-gun
Plural: polyphonic spree-guns
A spree-gun does much what it says: it provides an unconstrained outburst that goes just about everywhere. In this case, as a blast of sound. It's not the safest thing to operate, but if you can take the heat it's a fantastic way to torch the kitchen. Metaphorically speaking of course. There's no fire here, just sound.

Ranged weapon (Spray weapon)
Power: 130
Level Required: 13
Autosell value: 155

+10% Reflexes
Take 1 sonic damage per round of combat
+30 sonic damage
-10 Ranged damage

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif polysteel needler
Equals.gif polyphonic spree-gun


  • The Polyphonic Spree is a "choral symphonic rock" group renowned for its big sound and massive roster (between 13 and 23 members.)