Petrograd pants

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Item Number: 832
Description ID: 7037661
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Petrograd pants
Plural: Petrograd pants
At one point the Eye & Hook Clothing Company actually tried to patent this design under the name Leningrad Leggings, but in the case of Eye & Hook vs. Darling Darning the patent was thrown out. Since then, like the Kleenex vs. "facial tissue" debate, popular tendency has been to call them Petrograd pants instead.

These pants are most popular amongst street gangs (particularly two of the largest, the Lost Boys and the Pixies), where they're known in slang as Pieter Pants.

Power: 85
Level Required: 16
Autosell value: 255

+10% Intellect
+15% electric resistance

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif byzantium smarty pants
Equals.gif Petrograd pants


  • Both Petrograd and Leningrad are former names of Saint Petersburg, which is also hinted by "Pieter" (Pants).
  • There are several references to Peter Pan. "Eye & Hook" is a reference to Captain Hook. "Darling Darning" is a reference to the Darling family. "The Lost Boys" refer to Peter's gang, of the same name. "Pixies" is probably a reference to Tinker Bell. Finally, "Pieter Pants" is... a pun.
  • The Kleenex debate refers to the genericizing of the name so that it is synonymous facial tissue.