Alien mineral water

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Item Number: 2043
Description ID: 50937001
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alien mineral water
Plural: bottles of alien mineral water
You know what's better than a jug filled with water retrieved from a puddle in an alien world?

That's right, a jug filled with water retrieved from a puddle in an alien world that has been filtered into a pristine fluid in order to bring out that delicious aftertaste you can't quite describe.

Which is to be expected, after all, it's alien!

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 98

How Obtained

Catalyzing groundwater

When Used

You drink the mineral water and are quite refreshed. You feel like you could launch into a soft shoe routine to celebrate your recharging 60-80 PP.

Using multiple:
You guzzle the mineral water and are deeply refreshed, as is the alien parasite growing within your body. You regain some PP, but you're not sure how many the parasite regained.

Other Uses



  • Multiuse message refers the Alien creature from the eponymous movie franchise.
  • The single use message refers to the soft shoe routine performed by an Alien-like creature in the movie Spaceballs.