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Item Number: 308
Description ID: 8559629
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Plural: backacks
This backpack is old and cheap, but you can hear a few things rattling around inside. What could it be? Pencils? Books? Smelly gym clothes? City guide books for some very lost tourist? There's only one way to find out.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 80

How Obtained

The streets of downtown Twilight

When Used

You yank open the backpack to see what's inside, unfortunately tearing it to shreds in your enthusiasm.

You find 90-110 chips.

You got an item: advanced medkit Advanced-medkit.gif

You got an item: Dr. Stoll's Medical Soles Dr-stolls.gif

You got an item: firewater Firewater.gif

Using multiple:
You yank open the backpacks to see what's inside, unfortunately tearing it[sic] to shreds in your enthusiasm.

Other Uses


  • Each backpack contains 0-3 (average 1.5) items. Each item is equally probable, and you can get more than one from each backpack.