Burning disco shoes

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Item Number: 1832
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burning disco shoes
Plural: pairs of hot hot hot disco shoes
Who says disco is dead? These shoes are like something that fell out of the late 70's. While they don't have fishtanks in the heels, they're still the height of disco chic. Just wearing these shoes makes you want to bust out some dance moves to a throbbing four-on-the-floor beat. They might seem innocuous enough, but the level of raw disco energy they produce is enough to really move your booty.

April 2012 Item of the Month

Power: 5
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Gotta Dance!

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will receive one of the following:

  • You take <foe name> down to Funky Town... which is just like Twilight, except your skills cost less.
  • With a synthesizer sting and a crew of backup monks, you look back on your life (no matter when or where or who). You vow to learn from your mistakes.
  • Without warning you break into some slick moves. Keep this dance up and you'll survive, you will survive.
  • Not only do you have a fever where the only prescription is Disco, but you have a deep, burning Frayday Night Fever! Get down!
  • This music has you spinning, baby; you know you're in a trance. You just know you gotta knock on wood, so you make sure you look around for some.
  • Knowing that big fun to be had by all, you make with some hot moves. It's so chic your foes all freak.
  • You start bopping in place to the music only you can hear. It gives you some great money-making ideas, you just need a mark to hustle.

At the end of combat:

If the synthesizer message appeared and you won:

  • You look back at your fight without a sense of shame. You gain Z XP.

If the synthesizer message appeared and you lost:

  • So pure in thought and word and deed, but you didn't quite succeed. You're ready to turn over a new leaf... right after you rest. You gain Z XP.


  • When bought: "Ah, yes," the old man nods while deftly pocketing your 5 silver stars, "it seems, like me, you have Night Fever and the only prescription is more disco."
  • Each message has an equal chance of appearing
  • The Funky Town message reduces PP cost for combat skills by 3.
  • The synthesizer message give ?, cap 10 XP at end of the combat.
  • The slick moves message increases dodge by an unknown amount.
  • The Frayday Night Fever message gives ?, cap 10 fire damage.
  • The trance message gives an unknown effect.
  • The hot moves message delevels the foe by an unknown amount.
  • The bopping message increases chip drops by an unknown amount.


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Burning disco shoes
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