Little Charley's firestarting kit

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Item Number: 1872
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Little Charley's firestarting kit
Plural: Little Charley's firestarting kits
This darling little box contains everything you'd need to start a fire in the wilderness, if you didn't have heat vision. (What? Nobody told you about the heat vision?)

Anyway, you could probably give it to your sidekick in case they ever needed to start a fire.

May 2012 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

Gives your sidekick understudy a new skill.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

When Used

First time:
Your sidekick graciously accepts the gift and heads out to use it. They return later, smelling strongly of smoke and vowing never to do "that" again, whatever "that" is.

After some wheedling, they agree to use their newfound powers for good rather than whatever they were doing with those powers earlier.

Your sidekick learns a role: Reformed arsonist.

Subsequent times:
Your sidekick already has a lifetime's worth of experience with these. Once burned, twice shy after all.

During the Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game quest:
Your kidnapped sidekick isn't available for training right now. The whole being kidnapped thing, you know.


  • When bought: You pass the old man 10 silver stars and he gives you a particularly dangerous looking box of matches.


  • The name of the item refers to Charlie McGee, the young protagonist of the movie Firestarter.
  • The first sentence of the description possibly refers to the 1908 short story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London.

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Little Charley's firestarting kit
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