CTC Instructors

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Trainers' Lodge
Location: Camp Training Camp
Combat %: 80 ± 1.3%
Foe XP range: 149-155
ID: 66

You must have at least 70 Intellect to patrol here. If you do not, you will instead receive the message:

A trainer blocks your path before you can get close. "Our trainees have to be strong and fast, but if you're going to make trainer material you also have to be crafty. That dopey look on your face says you're not nearly smart enough to enjoy this company."
You must have 70 intellect to patrol here.

Combat Adventures

instructor deductor

Item Drops: portable desk, crop, magnifying glass

Experience Gained: 155

nebbish instructor

Item Drops: instructor's whistle, training suit

Experience Gained: 153

Screamin' Jay

Item Drops: swanky hat, throat lozenges, megaphone

Experience Gained: 151

standard instructor

Item Drops: throat lozenges, swanky hat, crop, Eskrima book

Experience Gained: 149

Noncombat Adventures

There's Something Wrong with This Adventure

  • Other: 2 Intellect


  • The chance of each adventure, combat or non-combat, is equal (1/5).