Cloak of desanguination

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Item Number: 1061
Description ID: 6677929
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cloak of desanguination
Plural: cloaks of desanguination
Unfortunately, this isn't some creepy fanged cloak that drinks the blood of your opponents (because, seriously, what kind of hero would use something like that). No, this is a creepy fanged cloak that drinks your blood. It's hard to say why you'd actually wear such a thing. It's creepy, it's unnerving and it freaks out everyone around you. Oh yeah. That's why.

Power: 52
Level Required: 9
Autosell value: 60

+4 foe toughness.
-1 HP per turn
+5 psychic damage

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif pentium hooded cloak
Equals.gif cloak of desanguination