December duck pond

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Item Number: 1981
Description ID: 27864596
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December duck pond
Plural: December duck ponds
You've attracted a flock of ducks to your tiny duck pond. Thankfully, they're all rubber ducks or there's no way you'd be able to carry them all.

Meat ducks (rubber ducks object to the term "real ducks") would probably be more upset with you spilling cold December water all the time during fights anyway.

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 20

+5 ice damage

How Obtained

Using a December water balloon, or its other products, if you are a Naturalist.

When Used

  • Gadgeteer

You promptly create an incredibly complicated gadget around the frigid water. Not only does it make cool sloshing noises, it tells time!
You got an item: December water clock Decwaterclock.gif

  • Elemental

You aerate the water with your vast elemental powers to create a bubbler. It's sort of like a water fountain, just way cooler.
You got an item: December bubbler Decbubbler.gif

  • Naturalist

Well, you could do something else with this, but that would leave you with a bunch of homeless rubber ducks.

  • Psion

You make a wish upon a star, but find out that the force of a wish is related to the inverse square of the distance to the wished-upon body. True story.

So you end up wishing on a nearby bit of water instead.
You got an item: December wishing well Decwishingwell.gif