Elco Hoist Laboratories

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Elco Hoist Laboratories
Location: Heavy Industry District
Unlocks: during Through the Dimensional Rabbit-Hole

A plaque on the wall as you enter indicates the company was originally founded by International Nitrate, Indiana Novelty, Del-mar Creations, and Richmond Electroplating. Now it's a wholly owned subsidiary of Ace of Trump Investments. You've never heard of any of those companies.

After the level 10 quest with 33400 XP or more, before initiating The Last Nostronomian B-Quest:

Fresh tracks lead away from the portal, towards the robot hive in the distance. They're humanoid, but definitely not human.


Staked Tundra

Astral Badlands
(opens after No Ferns in this Gully‎)

the Mouths of Darkness
(opens after Alien Geology 101)