Fishnet shirt

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Item Number: 1744
Description ID: 96026818
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fishnet shirt
Plural: fishnet shirts
Who knew fishnet was so versatile? Put it on your legs for a sexy, slinky look or put it on your chest for, well, to look like kind of a jerk, honestly. Fishnet shirts really don't look good. It just screams "you're trying too hard". But, I suppose that if you want to show off your physique, it'll work in a pinch. Just don't wear it too long in the sun; you'll get some wicked tan lines.

Power: 65
Level Required: 12
Autosell value: 210

+15 foe toughness.
+10 Strength
Gives wearer a slightly brutish appearance.

How Obtained

Rooftops over WoDo