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Item Number: 52
Description ID: 5524427
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Plural: flashlights
Don't you hate it when you ask, "Hey, buddy, can you give me a light?" and someone hands you a can of watered-down American macrobrew swill? Don't you usually respond in your most sluggish fake TV commercial voice with, "No, I meant a flash light"?

Well, if someone gave you one of these instead, then you'd be a lot happier.

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 5

+5% item drops

How Obtained

Investigate the trash bin out back

Campus: Investigate a Protest

Other Uses


  • The descriptions refers to an advertising campaign for Bud Light beer. In a typical commercial, a customer would asked a bartender for a "light". The bartender would give the customer a flashlight, lamp, torch, or some other light source. The customer would then ask for Bud Light instead.