Frusion neoscope

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Item Number: 1476
Description ID: 7157784
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frusion neoscope
Plural: frusion neoscopes
Found in a questionable section of Hyde Park, the Frusion Neodymium Beads are an executive toy made up of little rare earth magnets that have been infused with bizarre frusion energy. This doesn't really change anything, but it sure makes them neato-keen.

They're currently arranged into a nifty little telescope.

Offhand Item
Level Required: 4
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 Ranged damage

How Obtained

Using a frusion neodymium beads set or any of the frusion bead products while being a Gadgeteer

When Used

You spend some time playing with the beads and assemble something that feels natural and suited to your skills.

  • Elemental

You got an item: frusion neoscepter Frusion-scepter.gif

  • Gadgeteer

You got an item: frusion neoscope Frusion-telescope.gif

  • Naturalist

You got an item: frusion neoleash Frusion-leash.gif

  • Psion

You got an item: frusion neoorb Frusion-orb.gif