Heirloom floral shirt

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Item Number: 2413
Description ID: 40392858
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heirloom floral shirt
Plural: heirloom floral shirts
Apparently your ancestors also appreciated tropical vacations (but who doesn't, really?). Not only is this shirt cool in the summer and great at reminding you of how it was warm once in the winter, it's also covered with flowers that can be used as herbal remedies.

What? They just print the flowers on shirts now? Man, good thing you got an old-fashioned one, then.

Heirloom Derby Best Speed

Power: 50
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold
Can be welded

+3% resistance to all elements
Better the longer it's been in the family

How Obtained

Heirloom Derby

Other Uses


  • Item comes in the following message:

Hello future self! We had the speediest <item> run, so you get my speediest shirt.

Included item: heirloom floral shirt (quantity 1) heirloom floral shirt