Heirloom trousers

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Item Number: 2414
Description ID: 63337639
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heirloom trousers
Plural: pairs of heirloom trousers
These trousers come back from before they invented zippers... and maybe before they invented cloth. You can't come up with another reason they'd be made out of cast iron.

In any case, they should keep you quite safe from the waist to the ankles, so hopefully people try to hit you there. I suggest fighting really short villains.

Heirloom Derby Best Mettle

Power: 50
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold
Can be welded

+3% to your maximum Hit Points
Better the longer it's been in the family

How Obtained

Heirloom Derby

Other Uses


  • Item comes in the following message:

Hello future self! In honor of our totally metal <item> run, I got you these totally metal trousers.

Included item: heirloom trousers (quantity 1) heirloom trousers