Midnight's Cloak

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Item Number: 1262
Description ID: 2537890
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Midnight's Cloak
Plural: Midnight's Cloaks
Back in the golden era of Twilight, there was a legendary heroine named Midnight. She was a powerful mentalist who frequently apprehended criminals by shrouding herself in an illusion of what they feared the most, generally making them too terrified to actually fight back. Nobody's sure if she had supernatural powers or if it was from her high-tech cloak, but you have her cloak right here in front of you, and it appears powerful indeed.

The cloak is a deep blue color with a very high collar, which always made Midnight look kinda like Grimhilde or Maleficent. You aren't quite sure whatever happened to Midnight; like the other heroes of yore, she vanished years ago. Perhaps she was jumped by a villain who realized the cape destroyed her peripheral vision.

Power: 40
Level Required: 5
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+10% dodging ability
Attacker takes +10% psychic damage upon successful hit.

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 7 mettle


  • Requires completion of a Psion retcon with 3 mettle to be unlocked.


  • The description references two evil queens from Walt Disney movies: