Mini fusion octotron

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Item Number: 1382
Description ID: 2811536
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mini fusion octotron
Plural: mini fusion octotrons
The word "mini" here is a bit deceptive. While compared to the original octotron, it certainly is mini, but the original was some twenty feet tall. What I'm trying to say here is that this thing is still the same size as your average main battle tank. It's a tracked terror bristling with some of the most high-tech weapons and defenses you could imagine.

Range: 4
Level Required: 5
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+3 fire damage
+3 ice damage
+3 electric damage
+3 sonic damage
+3 acid damage
+5 defense

How Obtained

Use fusion plasma coupler with all 30 fusion octotron components in your inventory