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Item Number: 2434
Description ID: 90903293
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Plural: nothings
Nothing comes from the November 2015 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 25
Combat Usable
Can be welded

Gets you a temporary companion.

How Obtained


When Used

You try nothing and nobody comes to help you out.

You gained a companion: Nobody for 60 minutes

Using multiple: Unspecified

When Used in Combat

You toss the nothing at your opponent. Nothing can stop you now! Wait... can it? Because that might be a problem, actually. (replaces opponent with Nothing.)

If used against special monsters:

Nothing is more dangerous than ignoring the foe in front of you. Better keep nothing in reserve for this fight. (does nothing.)

If used against Nothing:

You throw more at your opponent. Nothing makes it angrier. (increases foe toughness.)

Other Uses