Basalt rifle

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Item Number: 1239
Description ID: 2414044
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basalt rifle
Plural: basalt rifles
You can do quite a bit of damage with one of these high-grade basalt rifles, far more than the standard-issue shale rifles you get in basic training. In other words, yeah, this thing rocks.

Ranged weapon (Firearm)
Power: 68
Level Required: 6
Autosell value: 40
Can be welded

How Obtained


Other Uses

No-recyclonizing.gif Although this item has a proper auto-sell value, it cannot be recyclonized, digitized, fed to the goats, or deplicated.


  • The image suggest this is an assault rifle. The name is also a play on "basalt" sounding very close to "assault".
  • The description plays on basalt and shale being types of rocks.