Perch Boy

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Perch Boy

You are fighting Perch Boy.

From a distance Perch Boy looks much like any typical punk teen: green spiky hair, colored nails, pierced lips. But then you realize that the hair and lip decorations are strange aquatic tendrils, and the dark nails are claws, and you decide maybe this kid isn't just your usual underwater troublemaker.
Your opponent attacks ...

Hit messages:

  • He whips you with his acid green hair... or tendrils that look like hair. This is probably a good time to note that it's green hair that's acidic, not hair which is "acid green." damage + (acid) damage
  • Perch Boy jabs you with some of his accessories, at least one of which seems to have been an electric eel earring. damage + (electric) damage
  • He perches on your head. It's mostly annoying, but there's also the whole thing with claws digging into you head. damage + (psychic) damage

He hits you for X damage.

Critical hit message:

Your opponent has a critical hit! He hits you for X damage.

Miss messages:

  • He whips you with his acid green hair... or tendrils that look like hair, but the color doesn't make it hurt any more than normal.
  • Perch Boy jabs at you with some accessories, but you refuse to get piercings outside a registered parlor.
  • He tries to perch on your head, but your aquatic stylings leave him perchless.

Fumble messages:

Your foe fumbles! He takes X damage.

Victory! You beat up your foe and win the combat!

Chips-white.gif You gain 57-82 chips.

You gain 70 experience.

Perch Boy finally collapses, defeated. "So where's the bicycle you stole from that talking fish?" you ask.

"Bicycle? Is that what that was? I couldn't figure out how to use it, so I left it behind days ago. I don't know where it is now."

You growl and smack a fist into your open palm, making Perch Boy cringe and whimper. "Okay," you sigh. "Get out of here and don't come back." You watch as the kid swims off in the direction of the ocean, then turn and continue to patrol. After all, you've still got bigger fish to fry.

Known resistances/weaknesses

Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.