Pharaoh's headdress

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Item Number: 2780
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Pharaoh's headdress
Plural: Pharaoh's headdresses
This fancy headdress came from a hero with an Egyptian theme who called himself the Pharaoh, because of course he did. There's one in every town. Even if the people of Somerset weren't his biggest fans, they largely tolerated his eccentricities. If for no other reason than to prevent some villain from coming along and claiming the name. That was the last thing anybody needed. After all, having an overhyped hero run around calling himself The Pharaoh is far better than putting up with Ahmon Kor-Unch or something.

Anyway, this swanky hat was his and now it's yours. Congratulations! Wear it in good health. I'm sure the Ancient Spirits will help you out.

October 2018 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+10% chips
Regenerates HP as a function of level (currently +X HP per turn).
Return from the dead (or, you know, being beaten up) stronger than before

How Obtained


  • When bought: The shopkeeper accepts your 10 silver stars and hands you an authentic pharaoh's headdress. Granted, it's the Pharaoh of Somerset a few decades ago, but that's still a pretty good deal!

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Pharaoh's headdress
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