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Barker's shirt
Plural: Barker's shirts
Back in the Silver Age of Twilight, there were a few heroes who worked with companies, doing sponsored superheroing. The big one was Captain Awesome, who worked for several companies.

This shirt is from one of the lesser known heroes, a guy who went by the name of Barker. He worked for a root beer company and was known for his sweet shades, speaking in third person, and his hip thrusts. And "feeding the branches," whatever that means.

He was a weird guy, okay? But his spirit and sponsorship deal live on in this branded t-shirt.

November 2018 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+2% of weapon damage returned as HP
+2% of weapon damage returned as PP
+10% item drops
Comes with a lifetime supply of Barker's root beer

How Obtained


  • When bought: The shopkeeper accepts your 10 silver stars and hands you a shirt. He doesn't bark at you, though. That would be rude.
  • Sometimes, after an adventure:
You feel a little thirsty, so the Barker's people drop off a bottle of root beer for you. Delicious, refreshing root beer from Barker's.
You got an item: Barker's root beer Barkersrootbeer.gif


  • The name of the item refers to Barq's brand root beer.
  • The description of Barker refers to Duffman from The Simpsons.

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Barker's shirt
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