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Item Number: 2802
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Santa uniform
Plural: Santa uniforms
It's said that Santa is whoever is filled with the spirit of Christmas. But, really, there's a whole uniform thing people expect. It's why nobody believes you're undercover until you show them the badge.

This is a pretty high quality Santa uniform, with solid stitching to hold up to fights and bellies like bowls full of jellies alike.

It's a shame you already have an outfit, but it would fulfill your sidekick's lifelong dream of being a mall Santa.

December 2018 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

Gives your sidekick understudy a new skill.

How Obtained

When Used

First time:
Your sidekick has always wanted to be the real hero of the holiday season. But since they can't be you, they'll settle with being Santa Claus down at the mall.

Your sidekick learns a role: Mall Santa.

Subsequent times:
If you want your sidekick to be any more festive, you'd better branch out into Easter bunny suits and turkey costumes.

During the Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game quest:
Your kidnapped sidekick isn't available for training right now. The whole being kidnapped thing, you know.


  • When bought: You give the shopkeeper 10 silver stars and he gives you a Santa uniform. Just what your sidekick wanted! And way better than that set of combs.


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Santa uniform
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