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Item Number: 485
Description ID: 1384499
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phone number
Plural: phone numbers
This slip of paper has a phone number scrawled on it that you think belongs to a long lost friend you haven't talked to in ages. You always felt bad that you lost their number, and you wonder if it still works.

Comes from July 2008 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 10

Gets you a temporary companion.

How Obtained

Use a Plaid couch derivative.

When Used

This information may no longer be accurate; please move this information to the Notes section using {{Oldsummon}} and use {{Summoncompanion}} instead.

  • Without a current companion:
You call use the number to call up your old friend. After talking for a few minutes, she finds out you're just around the corner and insists that you two need to hang out right now and catch up, and she won't take no for an answer. You tell her that you're on your rounds, but she's welcome to join you. (Duration: 60 minutes.)
Your friend admits that she lost your phone number at some point, too, so your[sic] write yours on the back of the only slip of paper handy and give it to her. Satisfied, the friend decides to hang out for a while longer.
  • When you have a different companion:
It would be too awkward to call up your old friend while your sidekick is just hanging out around here.

Sidekick/companion: Old friend

Using multiple: Same as single use

plaid couch (extremely lumpy)
plaid couch
Item Sidekick Effect
gym membership card Boxing coach Delevels foes
mismatched earring Free dummy Damage absorption
old coin Smart-aleck kid Blocks foes
phone number Old friend +XP per fight
stale cracker Crow +20% item drop
Twilight Gold card Mafia informer +20% chips drop