Psychic glaive

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Item Number: 2207
Description ID: 81763237
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psychic glaive
Plural: psychic glaives
Found deep in the mountains, at the bottom of a pool of lava, the psychic glaive awaits He Who Is Worthy to fight The Great Evil. It's also about the most awesome thing ever, but will inexplicably never be used until the very last moment and even then, it'll be upstaged by a love flamethrower.

Or it's a jumped-up voulge.

Melee weapon (Slashing, large)
Power: 111
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 500

+3% of weapon damage returned as PP
Deals psychic damage following spells - for Psions only

How Obtained

Assemble.gif smartypants staff telekinetic katana
Equals.gif psychic glaive

Assemble.gif wizard's staff telekinetic katana
Equals.gif psychic glaive


References the movie Krull.