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Large Slashing Weapons use the following messages:

Hit Messages

  • your first attempt is blocked but you quickly manage a duplieren; the second attack catches your opponent by surprise as you slice them for X damage.
  • there's nothing fancy about an oberhau, but even a simple hew can hit for X points of slicing pain.
  • you execute a basic attack, but it's good enough to have made Liechtenauer proud. You hit for X damage.
  • executing a durchlauffen can certainly be risky, but this time it pays off. You cashed a check for pain in the amount of X and 99 cents.
  • setting aside the more formal techniques for a moment, you shout out and bring your <weapon> down in a powerful blow, catching your opponent off guard for X damage.

Miss Messages

  • despite your first attack being blocked, you attempt to surprise them with a duplieren, but they read the same Wiki article you did, and they manage to block the second strike too.
  • there's nothing fancy about an oberhau but all this German terminology has left you befuddled and confuzzled and you can't tell your oberhau from your meisterbrau.
  • you execute a basic attack, but your opponent ducks and covers, avoiding your strike while also escaping any errant lava.
  • sadly, you're fooled by their alber and your high strike is masterfully blocked.
  • you decide that formal techniques are too stuffy and reserved and try to get all fancy and Hollywood. Needless to say, your abject failure reminds you why people formalized this stuff.

Fumble Message

Fumble! Your attempt at a Master Hew (specifically, a Zornhau) fails miserably. You screw up your footwork and end up landing on your <weapon> for X damage.

Critical Hit Message

you notice your opponent preparing to block, but with a quick and fancy move, you bring your <weapon> across in a perfect Zwerchau, critically hitting for X damage.