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Item Number: 1655
Description ID: 77972658
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Plural: Unknown; currently impossible to determine
Unlike most of the other Armaments, Star focuses the intellect of the wielder, rather than applying physical force. Only the most foolish would conclude this makes Star any less deadly than its brethren.

Carved from the stoutest piece of wood, the weapon is deceptively simple in design, unadorned except for a small metal cap at the base which is embossed with a starburst emblem.

Fifth-most of the Seven Armaments of Destiny

Melee weapon (Bashing, large)
Power: 99
Level Required: 5
Item cannot traded, sold, or placed in a memento display

+25% spell damage
+15% Intellect
+3 PP per turn
Rental equipment is lost at rollover

How Obtained

The Fickle Hand of Fate