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Large Bashing Weapons use the following messages:

Hit Messages

  • thrust! You jab your opponent with the end of your <weapon>, hurting them for X damage.
  • spin! You spin your <weapon> around and around, twirling it and making them a little dizzy before hitting them for X damage.
  • you opt for a sharp, downward strike, causing no small amount of pain. Unless X is a small amount.
  • you strike several times, attempting to hammer your point home. If nothing else, that pun is good for X damage.
  • turn! You turn around. While your opponent is wondering what you're doing, you bop 'em on the head for X damage.

Miss Messages

  • you attempt to make a dramatic thrust with your <weapon>, but it doesn't turn out so well. Sure, you're allowed to thrust, but smashing works better.
  • you spin your <weapon> around faster and faster until your opponent pokes a small stick in the way and you counter-spin. Oh, ha ha. It is to laugh.
  • you get a little too involved in your flashy twirling and spinning and forget to actually attack.
  • swing and a miss. That's strike two. You better be careful, kid. The game's on the line!
  • you cry out "Yoicks... and away!" and, well, things go downhill from there. Quit training with ducks.

Fumble Message

Fumble! You leap up dramatically and shout, "Ho! Haha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha - THRUST!" At which point you smack yourself in the face for X damage.

Critical Hit Message

you spin dramatically, taking your opponent's feet out from under them and follow up with a crushing downward blow. Between the two moves, you critically hit them for X damage.


  • The fumble message references the comic short Robin Hood Daffy. The hit messages start with "spin!", "thrust!", "turn!", referencing the same.