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I don't really understand this. Does this GIVE me extra time, or ACTUALLY make the turn longer, so I have less overall? 08:11, 16 February 2008 (MST)

Makes the turn take longer. "+30 seconds to the duration of each turn" seems pretty clear. If your turns normally last 5 minutes, "+30 seconds to the duration of each turn" would make each turn take 5.5 minutes. Cristiona

What Cristiona said. When you are early in the game and have not met Susan Novak, it may give a slight advantage. Later when your standard turn takes 4.5 minutes, you get an extra 13% XP but you use up an extra 12.5% of your time each turn so it is practically a wash. Personally, I think you are better conserving time and using the extra turns since you might also get chip drops or other goodies that you would otherwise miss. The phone also takes up an inventory slot that can be put to better use. -Hodag