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It says that this skill: "Helps you dodge, weakens elemental attacks, and restores PP"

The elemental weakening attacks seem to work every time elemental damage hits you:

Weakening sonic attacks: "You can sort of hear the battle over your trainer's whistling."

Weakening ice attacks: "Your trainer makes you do stair runs until the cold feels awesome."

Weakening psychic attacks: "You've gained enough confidence from your trainer that you shrug off the worst of the attack."

Weakening electric attacks: "Your trainer keeps you grounded. Get it? Grounded?"

Weakening fire attacks: "Your trainer sprays you down with some water to help cool you off."

Weakening acid attacks: "You're so covered in mud from the Hero Dash training that the acid barely matters."

Dodge messages:

"Your opponent attacks ... It turns out <familiar name>'s advice is just as good for avoiding attacks as it is for avoiding barbed wire obstacles."

"You dive into some mud to avoid the attack. It's not dignifed, but at least you're used to it thanks to <familiar name>."

After combat (sometimes):

<familiar name> ... you a nice tall glass of sports drink. Mmmmmmm, water and electrolytes. Refreshing! You gain 21 PP.

...sprays you down with some water. Refreshing! You gain 23 PP.

--Dogberry 1 Jan 2013: 21:57 CST

Keep in mind that levels matter when it comes to sidekick activity. Cristiona (talk) 21:33, 1 January 2013 (PST)