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Have you seen any fusion packs drop from these? was it a mistake on Ryme's part, or do they only drop them on day 1? --Valera 21:36, 9 February 2008 (MST)

  • I've not received any fusion packs from these. -eight bit hero- Feb12/08 02:42 (EST)

I'm initially contesting the apparent 50% resistance to electrical damage this monster receives. Using the Aegis Flux Incapacitor, I'm doing comparable damage with each element. Using Thor's Bolts, I'm still doing the additional +8 electrical damage. Base damage from the Thor's Bolts also does not appear to be affected by any apparent 50% resistance. Doing comparable damage with a Long Arm of the Law. Will someone confirm this and confirm with spells? -eight bit hero- Feb12/08, 02:21 (EST)