Teeter Street

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Teeter Street
Location: (Jekyll and) Hyde Park
Combat %: see notes
Foe XP range: 84-92
UR: Tsar Tsavorite
ID: 59

Combat encounters

boogie monster

Item Drops: boogie monster energy drink, dance pants, scootin' boots

Chip Drops: 63-105

Experience Gained: 84

cosmic prankster

Item Drops: can't-dodge ball, forget-me knot, lip blam, magic infinity ball, pogo-stick, pun gas, teds and hails coin

Chip Drops: 69-119

Experience Gained: 92

Dr. Park

Item Drops: Tsar Tsavorite

Experience Gained: 90

Notes: Ultra-rare

giant avian

Item Drops: macaroni cap, white elephant gift

Experience Gained: 80


Item Drops: drumsticks, shackles

Chip Drops: 66-114

Experience Gained: 88

This, That, and the Other

Item Drops: nicknack, that's my car, the other other hand, thistle hurt you more than it hurts me

Chip Drops: 72-120

Experience Gained: 96

Notes: Only appears when wearing a source of increased combat chances.

Noncombat encounters

Adrenaline Spike

  • Other: Bedtime +1 minute

Notes: Only happens when the text in Hyde Park says "somewhat/significantly/exceptionally busier on Boulevard tonight."

Alphabet Soup

  • Experience: some

Notes: Gain Alphabet Soup ((60 + Turn Length) minutes)

An All-Night Toy Stand

Notes: Purchase dumbbell, electronic crossword, juggling pins, RNG swing or nothing

Can You Show Me the Way?

  • Experience: some

Player and the Chocolate Factory

Thirty-Six Boxes, Ha Ha Ha!
  • Chip Drops: 80-90

Static Villains

Captain Ray Cathode

Item Drops: SQUID disc: Public Broadcasting's Greatest Hits

Chip Drops: some


  • Combat chances depend on the following message displayed in Hyde:
Street activity seems equally busy in both neighborhoods tonight./Street activity seems somewhat/significantly/exceptionally busier on Boulevard/Teeter Street tonight.
  • This table shows the combat chances in Teeter Street and Yang Boulevard, assuming the above message mentions Teeter Street.
    If you change the order of the locations you get the chances if the message mentioned Yang Boulevard.
Busyness Teeter Street Yang Boulevard
Exceptionally 90% 10%
Significantly 75% 20%
Somewhat 55% 45%
Equally 50% 50%


  • The entire zone references Sesame Street.
  • The image is a the Sesame Street set doorway, which can be seen for example here.