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The Map

The Cube Theater
Each time you log in to the game, you start at the main map. You can also always go back there by clicking the Main link at the top. This map shows you the city of Twilight and reveals the areas you can reach to patrol. If you have reliable enough transportation, you can patrol areas as far out as the desert beyond the city. Without transportation, you're limited to just your local neighborhood. (See more in the Hideout-Garage.) From this top-level map, clicking on an area will take you to another page which lists your choices for activity in that area. Most often you will choose an area to patrol, looking for problems to solve and bad guys to fight. But many areas also have other features, such as a hospital for healing, the Heroes' Guild for training, and

stores where you can buy items. Occasionally you can also click on an area which opens up even more choices below it.

Coffee Shop
Some places are only open during certain times of day, or change as it grows later in the evening, and other areas are hidden from you at first and must be unlocked by finding them or advancing in level.

Most of the major areas will also show up as links at the top of the page. Somerset Square, which contains the neighborhood where your hero lives, is always available. Others will open up as you gain transportation, or as you unlock a quest which reveals a new place to explore. (See more on quests in the Journal section.)