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Journal & Quests

Each hero has a journal. It serves as a log of what you've done and a reminder of what goals you currently have. Mostly it tracks major plot lines: quests and missions to complete. When you're in a quest it reminds you of what you've learned and what you've accomplished, and lets you know what you still need to do. Once you've finished a quest it's documented in the Completed Quests portion of the journal.

If you're not sure what to do next, check your journal. There may be some hints or reminders there for things you could be looking into, or ways to finish quests that you've started.


  • The journal also includes an "Other Notes" section. This section includes:
You have made friends with Susan Novak, a scientist at the university. You can find her there if you have science-related questions.
  • Your Personal Rankings for Stats (Strength, Intellect, Reflexes, Base HP, Base PP, XP), computed nightly, compared to all players who have logged in during the past 60 days.
  • Your Virtual Reality Gaming Center Status. This includes your rating in each of the three games.
  • The number of robots you have defeated in Sector 7-Gamma.
  • The number of players who trick-or-treated at your hideout last Halloween and previous Halloweens.
  • Your S.U.I.T. Software Contributions, i.e. the number of S.U.I.T. Points earned.
  • Your Astral Stock Exchange Earnings, i.e. the number of ASX chips earned.
  • Information regarding Sunset Strip Mine event:
  • The number of pounds you have cleared of rock from the collapsed mine.
  • The number of creatures you have defeated inside Sunset Strip Mine.