Umbra's Shadow Blaster

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Item Number: 1265
Description ID: 7178762
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Umbra's Shadow Blaster
Plural: Umbra's Shadow Blasters
The second member of the Sisters of the Night, Umbra was known for dressing in all black and attacking from hiding while her sister Shadow Mist would distract their foes. When called a coward for being a sniper, she would frequently lash out, giving a long speech about strategy and tactics. All of that aside, nobody could argue her deadly accuracy with her preferred weapon, the Shadow Blaster. Nobody knows what happened to the Sisters of the Night; it seems they just vanished one day, never to be heard from again.

Aside from newspaper clippings, all that remains of Umbra is this compact but powerful weapon. Nobody has been able to figure out how it works, or what kind of ammunition it uses, but it seems to extract all the ambient warmth from whatever it hits. It's deadly accurate and a truly frightening example of what a dedicated weaponsmith can create when they have a passion for fighting crime.

Ranged weapon (Exotic ranged)
Power: 80
Level Required: 9
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+3 extra ranged attack(s) per turn.
+5% chance of critical hits.**
+20 ice damage

** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 12 mettle.


  • Requires completion of a Gadgeteer retcon with 11 mettle to be unlocked.