VHF-1 Fighter

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Item Number: 442
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VHF-1 Fighter
Plural: VHF-1 Fighters
The Velocitech Harrier Fighter (commonly known as the Veritas fighter) is a futuristic technological marvel--today! The only down side is that it continually emits an irritating high-pitched tone when in operation--something about a very high frequency leakage. Otherwise, this miniaturized, single-seater fighter plane is snazzy enough to send even the most jaded of maverick top guns into a dreamy tailspin over the chance to fly it.

May 2008 Item of the Month

Range: 5
Skill Required: Passable Pilot
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Grants wearer the ability to fly
Can perform up to 5 airstrike attacks per day.
Refreshingly climate-controlled cabin.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Using a VHF-1 Exosuit

When Used

You punch a big red button on the fighter's dashboard. In a matter of moments the plane has twisted and turned upon itself and remakes itself into the form of a mechanical exosuit.

You got an item: VHF-1 Exosuit Vhf-1-exosuit.gif

Other Uses

  • When equipped, adds a "Use an item" option in combat, "Call in an airstike"
  • First five times a day:
You press a secret combination of buttons on your watch, summoning your VHF-1 Fighter. A few seconds later it zips overhead on remote control and drops a load of armament on your opponent. Your opponent takes X + X damage.
  • After five uses:
You've already called in five air strikes today, and that's all the armaments your plane has. It's not going to work again until you can get more tomorrow.
  • +2-4 PP per turn


  • X equals 30% of the opponent's remaining hit points with a minimum of 12.


  • Refers to the "VF" series of Variable fighter from the Macross franchise.
  • VHF is a common acronym for very high frequency. This is also referred to in the description.
  • The image and description refer to the Harrier Jump Jet.
  • The description refers to the movie Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise plays the "jaded top-gun" pilot whose callsign is Maverick.

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VHF-1 Fighter
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