Dark arts

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Item Number: 61
Description ID: 6287131
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dark arts
Plural: dark arts
Originally created to be used in a backyard family game, it quickly became apparent that these oversized darts are actually very effective weapons. They were outlawed years ago, but you can still find them at occasional yard sales. These have been specially modified by strange, dark powers to be even more powerful.

Ranged weapon (Archaic piercing)
Power: 25
Autosell value: 16
Can be welded

+2 ice damage

How Obtained

Dank and Rusty Maze

Using throwing star - magnetar in combat (sometimes)

When Used

You toss the lawn dart high up into the air. Then you realize what you've done: in the dark there's no chance of seeing where it's going or where it will land. You duck and run for cover. Real heroic, buddy.

Other Uses


  • Item is not consumed when used.


  • Refers to the banned game lawn darts. The image name is very specific about that.
  • The name of this item (like so zany from the same moan - er, like so many from the same zone) may possibly be a spoonerism for "dart arcs".
  • "Dark arts" is also another synonym for black magic, as mentioned by "strange, dark powers" in the item description.