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Item Number: 2731
Description ID: 99854246
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gingerbread hero
Plural: Unknown
Resplendent in a licorice cape and a little icing mask, this gingerbread man is ready to protect his tiny little gingerbread city from gingerbread monsters, gingerbread supervillains, and the occasional gingerbread casino mogul. He'd love to help you out too but, run run running as fast as he can, his little gingerbread legs can't get him the fight very quickly.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold
Combat Usable

How Obtained

Was given to each player by Kinak as a gift for Christmas 2017. The message said:

Remember, when holiday baking, it's important to remember which door is the oven and which is a portal to a world of gingerbread. On the bright side, now I have gifts for everyone!

Have yourselves a heroic little Christmas!


Included item: gingerbread hero (quantity 1) Gingerbreadhero.gif

When Used in Combat

  • As a Psion, first use per fight:
You toss the gingerbread hero into the fight and he, in turn, tosses a chunk of gingerbread at the <foe>. They seem horrified by the realization, suffering X (psychic) damage.
You toss the gingerbread hero into the fight and he, in turn, tosses a cinnamon gumdrop at the <foe> for X (fire) damage. Hey, every superhero needs his themed weapons. Those gumdrops are hot.
  • Subsequent uses in the same fight:
The gingerbread hero stays in the fight as you cheer him on, punching the <foe> with his balled gingerbread fist for X damage.