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What Are GM Scripts?

You can use Greasemonkey scripts in Firefox if you have the Greasemonkey add on.

Definition of Greasemonkey: Wikipedia "... Greasemonkey is an add-on to Firefox that allows "scripts" to be run on selected webpages, to alter the way they are displayed."

Top Pane scripts

Side Pane scrips

  • TH HP_PP Status (by Heather Robinson and fixed by Satan, based on Chathzzar) - Changes the HP and PP text to a Graphical Status Bar.
  • NL's Re-buff Script (by NardoLoopa) - Recast buffs on your nav pane by clicking on the arrow. HP rebuff only casts MedKit. Make sure to go to the skills page and refresh the nav pane if the arrow is unresponsive. Fixed by Satan to work with TH HP_PP Status.

Inventory/Items/MD scripts

Adventuring scripts

Spading scripts

Data from these scripts is displayed in the Journal -> Personal Notes section, using the statrate template in some cases.

General/Other scripts

  • Market alert (by Satan) - Scans prices on your Mall shop management page, alerts you if any of your prices are higher than market, and highlights those prices in red.
  • TH auto enter chat (by Muhandes) - Automatically enters chat.
  • Check all messages (by Heather Robinson) - Checks all messages for deletion in your inbox.
  • Autowedgie (by Heather Robinson) - Automaticaly sends the desired number of returnable items to the target player.
  • Retcon Reminder (by ClownHammer) - Checks your Recyclonizer, Digitizer and your Computer Lab at Retcon, to stop the most common errors.

Obsolete/Not Working/Lost

  • TH Outfit Manager (by Sounos) - Adds the ability to create outfits and switch between them.(obsolete, now an in game feature)
  • Level Progress (by Sounos) - Adds an XP bar (to level 31).
  • TH_XP Status (by Chathzzar) - Changes the XP text to a Graphical Status Bar (to Level 150).
  • Stationary Combat Buttons v2 (by Sounos) - Adds stationary action buttons (attack, skill, item, run, next).
  • Twilight Heroes - Label Mods (by Amanda Kerik) - Puts a (Mod) before the names of the mods.
  • Casino Bouncer (by Zelandoni) - No longer available.
  • TH_ContinuousAttack (by Chathzzar) - Auto-adventuring with a counter.
  • TH_ChoiceSelectionSaver (by Chathzzar) - Saves choices of non-combat adventures.
  • MD fix (by Heather Robinson) - Moves the Memento Display form to the top of the page.
  • MD link (by Heather Robinson, based on Muhandes) - Adds a link to the Memento Display.
  • TH_XP Status v2 (by Questionário, based on Chathzzar) - Changes the XP text to a Graphical Status Bar (to Level 1000).not up to date
  • Quick assembly and welding v2 (updated by Delassa) - Updated version that uses the tables on the wiki for the assembly and welding lists. (probably broken by wiki software update)
  • Store price (by Satan) - Calculates the total cost of your store inventory, if every item in your store was purchased, and displays it on the page. Additionally, if you view another players shop, it can calculate and display their store cost as well. Also can calculate your store profits from the sales page.
  • TH Color changer (by bamse) - Change background colors with a drop-down menu. (currenlty only works on the bottom panel)
  • autobox (by Heather Robinson) - Adds a button to for getting and equipping black box.

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