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Item Number: 1010
Description ID: 5301325
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Plural: handfuls of gumdrops
Yay, gumdrops! Little blobs of gelatin covered in granulated sugar! Who could ask for anything more? Well, I suppose it would be nice if they didn't get stuck in your teeth. Man, I hate that.

Comes from December 2009 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 5
Autosell value: 15
Contains sugar (1)

How Obtained

Using The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)

When Consumed

You pop the gumdrop in your mouth and savor the sweet flavor.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +11-15 minutes

Using multiple:
You pop the gumdrops in your mouth and savor the sweet flavor.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +some minutes

When Returned through [send as gift]

You head on over to <player> and hand them a gumdrop. They seem exceptionally happy to receive it. The look of pure, almost child-like joy at the simple act just warms your heart. All the way down to the cockles. Even in the sub-cockle region. You get an effect, Holiday Cheer. (Added for 30 minutes.)

Trying to return the item to yourself:
This is a holiday gift. It's meant to be generously given to someone else. Someone else is, by definition, not yourself. Also, as you already have it, giving it to yourself is the same as doing nothing. See?

Effect on Receiver:

<sender> has buffed you with Holiday Cheer.
Oh, cool! You just got a holiday gift! What a thoughtful gesture. It reminds you of that really happy moment from when you were a kid. You remember, right? Yeah. That one. (Added for 60 minutes.)

In the Inbox:

<sender> gave you a holiday gift!

Included item: gumdrop (regifted) (quantity 1) Gumdrop.gif


No-recyclonizing.gif Although this item has a proper auto-sell value, it cannot be recyclonized, digitized, fed to the goats, or deplicated.

The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)
The Grouch's Sack of Loot (empty)
Item Effect
candy cane
candy cane (regifted)
+20-27 minutes / 2 sugar
eggnog (regifted)
Restores 40 PP
fruitcake (regifted)
Combat Item
gingerbread man
gingerbread man (regifted)
Gingerbread man (companion)
Blocks foes
+10 foe toughness
gumdrop (regifted)
+11-15 minutes / 1 sugar
holiday wreath
holiday wreath (regifted)
Combat Item
Stuns for 3 rounds
roast beast
roast beast (regifted)
Restores 80 HP
Toy soldier
Toy soldier (regifted)
Toy soldier (sidekick)
Attacks foes