The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)

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Cspider.gif This page relates to a reported minor bug:
gifting any of the items gives the sender both his own and the receivers message
Item Number: 1008
Description ID: 6226381
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The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)
Plural: The Grouch's Sacks of Loot (full)
This massive sack
Carried by a hack

Full of holiday cheer
But sadly no beer

You know what? That's enough of the couplets. The Grouch was known around the city as a wonderfully kind-hearted hero that gave gifts to good citizens, generally giving them just what they needed. Not only was he known, but everyone recognized the large, red and green haversack he carried with him everywhere. Sadly, he vanished years ago, and this sack was found being carried by a tired drifter who had completely lost his memory. He was tired of pulling endless gifts from the sack, so he passed it off on someone else. Over the years, the sack traded hands from person to person and now you have it. The magic has weakened over time, and it no longer creates gifts specifically tailored to people, but it'll still generate delightful, if generic, items.

December 2009 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+10% effectiveness from your sidekick.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Have a The Grouch's Sack of Loot (empty) in your inventory on rollover.

When Used

You reach into your sack of loot and pull out several cheerful items!

Hm. Looks like there's one more item buried way down at the bottom. You must have been extra good today.
You got an item: ....

You got an item: The Grouch's Sack of Loot (empty) Grouchs-sack-empty.gif


  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes the 10 silver stars and with a hearty booming laugh gives you The Grouch's Sack of Loot.
  • You always get 5 items, and an occasional bonus item with a separate text.
  • The 5 items will follow the following pattern:
  • The bonus item is random.


  • "hearty booming laugh" is one of the characteristics of Santa Claus.

The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)
The Grouch's Sack of Loot (empty)
Item Effect
candy cane
candy cane (regifted)
+20-27 minutes / 2 sugar
eggnog (regifted)
Restores 40 PP
fruitcake (regifted)
Combat Item
gingerbread man
gingerbread man (regifted)
Gingerbread man (companion)
Blocks foes
+10 foe toughness
gumdrop (regifted)
+11-15 minutes / 1 sugar
holiday wreath
holiday wreath (regifted)
Combat Item
Stuns for 3 rounds
roast beast
roast beast (regifted)
Restores 80 HP
Toy soldier
Toy soldier (regifted)
Toy soldier (sidekick)
Attacks foes

Item of the Month
Preceded by
Atmos Spear (shortened)
December 2009
The Grouch's Sack of Loot (full)
Succeeded by
Stainless Steelbreaker