Something Unusual

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You come to some indefinable time later, battered and barely able to move. You lie still for a moment, gathering your strength, wondering if you're going to live through the night.

You pull yourself towards a dumpster and attempt to use it to stand up, but you can't muster enough strength. Slowly you slide back to the ground, lying helplessly on the cement. Staring up though the glare of the street light to the nearly starless sky above, you wonder what to do next.

Depending on the class you picked you'll get one of the following:

As you lie there, waiting for whatever comes next, your eye lands on a strange object sitting on the ground beside you. It appears to be some odd piece of kitsch utility gear: a lug nut from some car's tire, welded to a small metal hoop, attached to a keychain. You can't understand why anyone would have made a lug nut into a keychain, but you find yourself strangely drawn to it. Trembling, you reach out and touch the lug nut.

You get an item: Lug-Nut Keychain Lug-Nut Keychain


As you lie there, you notice an unusual orange glow coming from underneath the dumpster. Your first impression is that it might be a small fire, and you think for a moment that it would be just your luck if dragging yourself over here is what got you killed. Unable to do much more than turn your head, you peer past the wheels of the dumpster and search for the source of the glow.

What you discover is something very unusual: it looks like a glowing ember trapped within a small, stoppered glass bottle. You watch for a while, and the ember continues to glow, neither flaring up nor burning out, even though common sense says it should be doing one or the other. This is very strange indeed. With a trembling hand you slowly reach out and grasp the bottle. It feels warm and comforting to the touch.

You get an item: Ember in a Bottle Ember in a Bottle


Slowly you become aware that even through the light pollution you can see one star hovering nearly straight overhead. Or that's what you think at first, until you realize that it's growing larger. In fact, it appears to be some sort of flying object, heading swiftly towards you. In a matter of moments you're face-to-face with a strange, glowing egg-shaped aircraft, roughly five feet across. You decide you must be hallucinating, because an encounter with a UFO just wouldn't make any sense. But your skepticism takes a hit when a hatch in the front of the egg opens. A mechanical arm extends from the hatch, holding what appears to be a ring of cloth. With gentle precision the cloth is placed around your head like some sort of headband. Then the arm retracts back into the aircraft, and in a flash it disappears into the night sky.

You get an item: Intellectual Headband Intellectual Headband


Everything fades out again for a moment, and you have a most unusual dream. In it you find yourself in the ocean, swimming with a pack of sharks. The largest of them swims up to you, but surprisingly you're not afraid. Then you realize that even though you're in human form you, too, are a shark, and belong to the pack. The large shark speaks: "Take this necklace." He opens his mouth wide, and you can see a leather thong stuck in his teeth. Without hesitating you reach into his mouth and tug at the thong. A tooth comes with it as you pull the necklace free.

You wake from the dream feeling oddly reassured. With surprise you realize that you are still holding the necklace.

You get an item: Shark's Tooth Necklace Shark's Tooth Necklace

Equip the Talisman


  • This adventure happens once only after account creation and is part of the hero's origins.