Broken PDA

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Item Number: 318
Description ID: 5923102
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broken PDA
Plural: broken PDAs
In your hands you hold a heavily used GooseBerry PDA, product of SketchiTech corp. This model is a few years old, and the memory module has been removed, so when you turn it on you just get a blotchy pattern of dots that look something like a sickly horse. Or maybe it reminds you of the expression on your father's face the day you spilled your banana split all over the seat of his brand new car. You know, maybe you ought to talk to someone about some of those repressed memories.

Anyway, without the memory module this thing doesn't have much value, but if it was patched up you might be able to get some use out of the thing.

Autosell value: 35

How Obtained

Campus: Investigate a Retro Rave

Campus: Investigate a Protest

Other Uses


  • The device is a reference to the real-life BlackBerry PDA. SketchiTech is probably a reference to the electronics corporation Logitech.