Campus: Investigate a Retro Rave

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Campus: Investigate a Retro Rave
Location: University Heights
Unlocks: before and after the Protests Aren't for Amateurs quest
Combat %: 84.8 ± 1.2
Foe XP range: 28-35
ID: 23

Combat Adventures

cyber punk

Item Drops: digital voice recorder, octopus player, smart juice

Chip Drops: 27-49

Experience Gained: 35

Health: 37-38

queen of bass

Item Drops: rave flyer, sparkler, white noise knuckles

Chip Drops: 26-45

Experience Gained: 33

Health: 37

overzealous dancer

Item Drops: moonbow, smart juice

Chip Drops: 21-38

Experience Gained: 28

Health: 27-32

sketchy dealer

Item Drops: broken PDA, white pill

Chip Drops: 39-67

Experience Gained: 31

Health: 32-33

Noncombat Choice Adventures

That Man's Father Is My Father's Son
  • Accept the loss on a technicality: 35-45 experience, -10 chips. More honorable reputation.
  • Rough him up to get your chips back: 20 chips. Less honorable reputation.
  • Get "creative": Nothing. Does not consume time.

One-time Adventures

The Old Man and the Me

Notes: Occurs during The Oldest and Strongest Emotion

Static Villains

Mother of All Whistlers

Item Drops: Mother's whistle


  • The chance of each combat adventure is equal, (1/4).