Gilligan's golf club

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Item Number: 809
Description ID: 1303757
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Gilligan's golf club
Plural: Gilligan's golf clubs
If you wanna see some slapstick, hand out two of these to a pair of duelers and watch the clumsiness fly. Unwieldy, off balance, and carrying an aura of utter incompetence, people will be beating themselves up left and right. It's like the comedy never ends!

Melee weapon (Bashing, small)
Power: 145
Level Required: 13
Autosell value: 180

+10% Reflexes
+6% chance of weapon fumbles.**
+3% chance of enemy fumbles**
+10% to your maximum Hit Points

** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif polysteel Gallagher's mallet
Equals.gif Gilligan's golf club


  • Refers to the clumsy character Gilligan from the television series Gilligan's Island.