Two Rioters Diverged in an Angry Protest

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In one section a line of riot police seem to be holding things mostly in check. You stop in to talk with them about the situation. They're a little wary of your lone-wolf hero act, but they need all the help they can get. As one of the officers is giving you a rundown, a couple of protestors break lose from the mob and charge your defensive line.


  • Take the one on the left
  • Take the one on the right
  • Take a defensive stance

What's your take?


If you chose Take the one on the left:


You are fighting an angry rioter.

If you chose Take the one on the right:


You are fighting a frenzied dissident.

If you chose Take a defensive stance:


Hold the Line
Rather than take on either protestor specifically, you join in the defensive line with the other officers, trying to contain rather than combat. I'd say it's like a more dangerous version of the Red Rover game, but that's already pretty dangerous. So it's basically just like Red Rover. You all stand together, present your defenses, and try to defensively resist the charge. It takes a lot of muscle, but after a few minutes you succeed.

You gain 2 strength.



  • The encounter's name is a reference to the first line in Robert Frost's poem "The Road not Taken".
  • The text for the third choice refers to the game Red Rover.