December wishing well

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Item Number: 1983
Description ID: 25484649
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December wishing well
Plural: December wishing wells
If wishes were fishes, this would be a great spot for angling. As it turns out, wishes are chips.

So, it's actually still a pretty good spot for angling, it's just an entirely different sort of angling.

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 20

+3% chips

How Obtained

Using a December water balloon, or its other products, if you are a Psion.

When Used

  • Gadgeteer

You promptly create an incredibly complicated gadget around the frigid water. Not only does it make cool sloshing noises, it tells time!
You got an item: December water clock Decwaterclock.gif

  • Elemental

You aerate the water with your vast elemental powers to create a bubbler. It's sort of like a water fountain, just way cooler.
You got an item: December bubbler Decbubbler.gif

  • Naturalist

You make a tiny pond and summon a flock of ducks to it. Okay, so the ducks actually already flew South for the winter... so you get some rubber ducks instead.
You got an item: December duck pond Decduckpond.gif

  • Psion

You wish your wishing well was something else, but it just crashes on you. What the heck is a null pointer exception?